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Case Study #2

Ms. Y., an 83-year-old female with cognitive impairment, had no family. She fell prey to financial exploiters located both in the U.S. and out of the country who told her if she gave them thousands of dollars as good faith money, they were going to give her $6 million in return. In her pursuit to make a great return on her investment, Ms. Y proceeded over many years to deplete her assets by cashing in IRAs and retirement plans, drawing down on her home equity, selling all her valuable jewelry and artwork, and taking out cash advances on as many credit cards as she could manage. She would mail thousands of dollars in cash to them. They harassed her multiple times a day, communicating with untraceable burner phones. The perpetrators would send limousines to the victim’s home to transport her to various banks in town to withdraw money from ATMs. In failing health due to the increasing stress of her financial ruin, this vulnerable senior was on the brink of bankruptcy and soon to be homeless.

Senior Advocacy Group Outcome:

  • Marshalled assets by freezing bank accounts, credit cards and lines of credit to keep the scammers from accessing any money.
  • Gathered bills, brought payments up to date, and removed accounts from collection status
  • Worked with law enforcement to report findings
  • Inventoried home, administered and disposed of client’s personal and intangible property, prepared home for sale by hiring contractors to update and make repairs to the home to ensure a smooth sale
  • Secured real estate agent, managed, negotiated and signed contract to dispose of real estate and placed proceeds in account to provide for the benefit, health and well-being of the client’s remaining life
  • Filed a petition to determine incapacity with the court as a measure of last resort, and served as the court-appointed guardian to manage all medical issues, day-to-day living arrangements, surroundings, provided all care and support of the ward.
  • Placed client and coordinated move from her home to a facility
  • Applied and obtained health insurance benefits for client and coordinated all new in-network providers
  • Sought, obtained and won Medicare Appeals while client in was hospital and rehab facility