Making A Vulnerable Senior's Future More Secure

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“In 2020, our brother passed away unexpectedly, and without a Will. He left behind two homes in Florida, property in North Carolina, and a multi-office medical practice. Family members were in four different states and no one had the time or expertise to settle our brother’s estate. We were frankly overwhelmed and were unsure as to how to proceed.It was our family’s good fortune to be referred to Shelley Perry and Linda Flores of Fiduciary Associates of Naples. Linda, Shelley and their team went to work immediately to settle our brother’s personal estate, and unwind his complicated medical practice. Their attention to detail and resourcefulness discovered assets and ongoing cash flow that we would never have known about. And with their regular emails and phone calls, we always knew where we were in the process. We can wholeheartedly recommend Fiduciary Associates of Naples to handle even the most complex estate in a compassionate, cost-effective, and timely manner.” 

D. & T. Schengber,

Like many women of my age (almost 80!) I have been concerned about decisions I may have to make if my health deteriorates with age.  I have no close family, so I haven’t known what would happen in my future.  However, a friend recommended Linda Flores and the Senior Advisory Group, and it was nothing short of life-changing.  They were able to explain some of the things I need to do to prepare for aging—things I knew nothing about—and as a result of our meetings (and their hard work) I feel confident about whatever the future might bring.  They have made careful plans for any health decisions, or legal questions that might accompany my future—and I am now freed of those worries.  I couldn’t recommend them more enthusiastically.” 

B. Metcalfe,

“As the Vice President of an in-home care agency, I work with a lot of guardians in Southwest Florida. Working with Linda has been such a wonderful experience. First and foremost, I know she truly cares about her clients and what is in their best interest. Linda works with us to ensure the highest level of care for our mutual client and together, we have been able to help her thrive in her home setting. Linda knows, respects and most importantly supports the clients’ desires as they relate to aging care. She works hard to ensure the client is happy, safe and healthy. Secondly, Linda is a great communicator. Working with Linda is like playing from the same sheet of music, we are always on the same page due to her focus and belief in strong communication. Thirdly, Linda is always available. In this industry, we are 24/7. Any time we have reached out to Linda, she was available and had a quick response. Knowing she is always there is very reassuring as I am sure is it to all her clients and their families. Lastly, Linda is kind, compassionate and caring. Linda takes the time to build a rapport with her client, my caregivers and nurse, as well as my admin team and myself. Linda is always professional and a pleasure to talk with. She  has a collaborative attitude and knows that together we can achieve more. I truly have enjoyed working with Linda so much and I will be referring anyone I know that needs guardianship to her. I know anyone working with Linda is in good hands! She is the example of what guardianship should look like. Southwest Florida is lucky to have Linda and her company in our area, serving residents who need this type of service.”

Susan Nimnuan,
Director of Operations, BrightStar Care of Naples and Fort Myers

“Senior Advocacy Group is on the frontier, helping seniors and their loved ones find lasting solutions to everyday challenges.”

Heather B.,
Senior Services Professional

“The professionals at Senior Advocacy Group have the depth and breadth of knowledge that attorneys seek out when making referrals, as well as the attention to detail and personal warmth that endears them to their clients.”

Lisa Lipman, Esq.,
Trust and Estates Attorney

“They are like family, when there is none.”

M. and E. Adams,

“I started my small business in 2007 and I am so grateful to have had the help and guidance of Linda Flores. As expected, she was knowledgeable and professional, but what really stood out was that she went above and beyond and gave me guidance in starting the business. She helped me find attorneys and other professionals needed in the business development process. She was always kind, personable and available to help when needed. She added that special touch in customer relations that made for a wonderful experience.”

Dr. Christine Warren, DVM,
Diplomate ACVO