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Social Impact

We Are A Public Benefit Corporation With a Purpose

A Florida Public Benefit Corporation is a Florida for-profit corporate entity designed for businesses that operate in a way that benefits the public. It encompasses any business whose mission is to have a positive impact on workers, the community or the environment. It is often characterized as having the “double bottom line” of Profit and Purpose. We strongly believe that you can do well by doing good. We are incredibly lucky to wake up every day with a purpose that enriches our lives as well as those we serve.

We Extend Our Purpose Through Senior Safety Matters, A 501(c)(3) NonProfit

Senior Advocacy Group and Senior Safety Matters share a common Purpose which is “to provide education and services to protect vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation.”
Specifically we

  1. Provide fiduciary and administration services that protect financial assets, and enhance the mental, physical, and emotional health of vulnerable and at-risk adults; and
  2. Provide programs to educate advisors, family members, community partners, and the general public on how to identify, intervene, and mitigate all forms of abuse and exploitation.

Senior Advocacy Group and Senior Safety Matters, together, are uniquely positioned to give back and support vulnerable adults and their families who might not be able to afford our services. Our passion is to serve those individuals and families affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other debilitating cognitive conditions who need an Advocate to protect them. Our Pro Bono service has included assisting a daughter/caregiver who was threatened by a violent father with dementia, and supporting a veteran with PTSD who had struggled to care for his
wife who had Alzheimer’s.

We admire and support our community partners who share our purpose and passion. Please consider supporting the following organizations that we see making a difference every day!