Making A Vulnerable Senior's Future More Secure

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Fiduciary Services

We offer professional fiduciary services to seniors, persons with disabilities or other individuals in need. Our role encompasses more than just business management, decision-making and guardianship – we strive to support mental, emotional and physical well-being and help our clients, and their families, from a position of trust and good faith.

Trust and Estate Administration

Trust and Estate Services are offered under Fiduciary Associates of Naples, a sister company of Senior Advocacy Group.

Power of Attorney

An Agent under a Durable Power of Attorney acts on your behalf for financial decision-making if you are unable to due to incapacity or illness.

Services may include:

  • Invoice review and bill payment
  • Bank deposits, withdrawals or other transactions
  • Property purchases, sales and management
  • Information assistance for tax return preparation and filing
  • Retirement benefits distribution assistance
  • Contract management and negotiation
  • Regular accountings and reporting
  • Coordination with necessary professionals, such as attorneys and CPAs
  • Law enforcement and judicial system coordination, when necessary, for exploitation protection

Healthcare Surrogate

A Healthcare Surrogate carries out your wishes regarding your healthcare if you are unable to communicate them due to a short or long-term illness.

Services may include:

  • Care managers or care givers supervision
  • Personal wellness check visits and care management
  • Engage necessary professionals, such as doctors and physical therapists
  • Coordination and communication with all engaged service providers
  • Medical records management
  • Insurance and benefits administration

Professional Guardian

A Professional Guardian is appointed by a court if you are incapacitated and don’t have a Power of Attorney and/or Healthcare Surrogate in place.

Services may include:

  • Administration and management or disposal of real, personal, intangible and business property
  • Benefits and income acquisition
  • Budget management and bill payment
  • Coordination and communication with all engaged service providers
  • Medical records and mental/personal care services management
  • Insurance and benefits administration
  • Medical decision-making
  • Physical appearance and condition assessment and preservation
  • Living condition monitoring and safeguarding
  • Family communication and intermediation