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Just Say Yes

Fiduciary Associates of Naples provides all the professional administrative services that a corporate trustee or law firm provides – without the bureaucracy, high cost, and delay often associated with large firms.

Monies are placed in trusts for various reasons: asset protection, tax benefits, or uncertain family issues. Many times, a corporate trustee MUST DENY A REQUEST – not because the request is unreasonable – but because there is a liability risk associated with saying YES. We always remember we have a duty to act in the best interest of the beneficiary, and after all, it’s not OUR money – it’s YOURS.

Our clients include:

Charitable Donors

Individuals and couples who want to leave part, or all, of their estate to charity are interested in gifting as much as possible, and likewise the charity would like the gift to be as large as possible. Both donors and charity benefit from the cost savings of naming us a successor trustee. Fiduciary Associates of Naples can settle an estate at usually half the cost of a law firm or corporate trustee!  And we love administering scholarship programs!

Surviving Spouses

After the first spouse passes, the surviving spouse should review the successor trustee and personal representative named in estate planning documents – often, there is no backup to the spouse or the successor named is no longer available. Sometimes attorneys name themselves as successor trustee or personal representative. What happens, then, when the attorney retires? Often the surviving spouse doesn’t have a relationship with anyone else at the firm and doesn’t want to be passed on to the next in line. We offer a more flexible, cost-effective alternative that allows the surviving spouse to take control of the future.

Family Beneficiaries

Generational trusts usually allow for removal or resignation of trustees over time. Fiduciary Associates of Naples can be appointed as independent trustee when beneficiaries become unhappy with the service of a corporate trustee or the returns on the trust investments are less than stellar. When Fiduciary Associates of Naples serves as an independent trustee, the beneficiaries enjoy more flexibility and control – they can have both excellent financial investment advice AND excellent administration.